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Rollerfly sets can easily be attached to your existing pads without any special modifications.

At Rollerfly, we created this product after playing the sport for years and realizing that there should be an alternative for inline goalies to avoid injuries and make better gameplay. We dedicated hundreds of hours or research and prototypes before we finalized our Rollerfly Slide Plates. We not only needed something that would be simple to use and attach, but would also not cause any damage to game surfaces.

The final result is this four-piece set of hard plastic plates that are designed to fit most brands and models of leg pads. It does not require any special tools or alteration of your existing equipment, and can be installed within a matter of minutes. Minimal maintenance is required.

Rollerfly™ attaches to the pads using velcro straps and fits any adult leg pads between 32" and 38" and are available in Black, White, Red, and Blue. They are available direct from Rollerfly, please click through using the links below and let us know if you have any questions! We'd also love to see your videos and pics of you using Rollerfly in action!

How to install them:

But, are they durable?

Where can you buy yours?

Rollerfly™ has recently started selling direct on Amazon, or there are still some retailers that still have some stock of Rollerfly™

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