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image of inline goalies defending using rollerfly
image of goalie with rollerflys defending goal

Rollerfly is a revolutionary product that allows inline goalies to make lateral slides and reduce injuries.

Rollerfly™ is a patented, four-piece set of hard plastic plates designed to have a universal fit among the many different brands and models of leg pads. The plates can easily be strapped on to almost any current legpad. The plates are embedded with ball bearings that allow the goaltender to roll laterally while in the kneeling, "butterfly" position. Ice hockey goalies can use this product to practice their butterfly slide movements at home. (Patent: US9446298B2).

Using Rollerlfy slide plates can help to reduce knee and hip injuries as well as pain. Accepted by most leagues, these slide plates help to create a safer and more effective gameplay for goalies who choose to use them. Rollerfly plates are durable and can take the abuse from regular, weekly play. Replacement bearings are available from us directly, and we also sell them in multiple colors. Click on the images below to see close ups, and check out the videos under that for reviews by our customers.

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